Every organization is different, as are the roles of team members within your organization. However, what is consistent is that in order for an organization to be successful, each role within the business needs to do its part to help drive revenue directly or indirectly.

Some set strategy, align the organization, message a value proposition, build product or service offerings, close business or support the customers you have already…


Every organization is different…from industry, size, technology used and resources available but all businesses need to react to changing market dynamics to efficiently and effectively drive revenue.
ItaQuod helps with each aspect of the Go-To-Market Lifecycle.


Every person within an organization is accountable for a different aspect of revenue growth…from strategy, to messaging, to lead generation, to building products/services to closing business and supporting customers
ItaQuod empowers each with the information needed to succeed.




ItaQuod…helping organizations with WHAT information to capture, HOW to capture it and WHERE to put it. The right data, in the right place…easily captured, collaborated on & consumed.



The next generation of CRM…ItaQuod’s “Structured CRM” solution –
A simple but powerful solution for organizational selling. Check out some key features below:



Just as the body needs a skeleton to provide structure in order for it to function and move forward, an organization needs structure within its CRM for the same purpose.

IQ Skeleton

    Are you Tired of:
  • inconsistent sales data capture,
  • data that never gets into a system
  • data that leaves when the reps do,
  • data that is buried deep in some CRM note never to be found again, and
  • an inability to summarize data across leads or opportunities?
  • So Were We… it’s time to speak ItaQuod


If you don’t like typing to capture data, send a message or analyze information…then don’t.

IQ Talk

IQ Talk enables efficient data input and data consumption by talking, not typing.


Put lead and opportunity data captured to use...

IQ List-360

IQ List-360, is the easiest most powerful way to create an unlimited number of lead and opportunity lists, each telling a different story about your territory, region or business.

IQ GEO-360

The easiest most powerful way to view maps showing the location of leads and opportunities meeting any combination of characteristics you choose.

IQ Geo-360

Put lead and opportunity data captured to use. IQ Geo-360, the easiest most powerful way to view maps showing the location of leads and opportunities meeting any combination of characteristics you choose.

Get a 360 degree geographical understanding of your territory, region or business.


Let the ItaQuod software, and other ItaQuod users, let you know when there is something you should be aware of or take action on within the ItaQuod system.

IQ Messaging

Messages can be sent between users within the ItaQuod system or they can be generated automatically by the IQ system based upon notification settings each user can configure as needed. In context messaging means that all messages contain a link that brings the recipient and sender directly to the area of ItaQuod related to the message received.


If no one looks at the data captured by sales…either because they can’t find it, or because they don’t value it, why would sales reps continue to capture data in an application? Answer…they wouldn’t.

IQ Rating

Timely feedback, from those that matter, and those that depend upon the information, builds a perception that quality data has value to the company.

Sales behavior evolves as a result.


What’s your IQ? What’s your company’s IQ? What is each region’s IQ?

IQ Scoring

An ItaQuod(IQ) Scoring system for incenting sales to capture the key information needed to both close business and to effectively run your business. The IQ Scoring system conveys which sales reps, regions, divisions, countries, etc. are adhering to the organization’s desire for key information to be captured as part of lead development and sales cycles.


Organizations should value work ethic, revenue, and the capture of information needed to both close deals and run your business…

IQ Leaderboard

IQ Leaderboards allow you to;

Turn your sales organization into complete contributors by incenting the right behavior that leads to driving revenue…not by rewarding revenue alone.


IQ customers can choose to configure a lead to opportunity approval workflow that triggers an approval process when a lead is moved to the “convert to opportunity” status.

IQ Workflow

The designated approver will be sent an IQ message with a link for a lead-to-opportunity approval where upon clicking the link, the user can either approve or reject the promotion of the lead to an opportunity after they’ve reviewed the supporting information.


Grab your coffee or morning beverage of choice and settle in for the day.

IQ Daily Dashboard

Just like the headlines on the front page of your favorite newspaper or news website, the IQ Daily Dashboard provides users a quick glimpse of everything that matters. Be inspired. See what has transpired. See where you left off. See what lies ahead.

Let the Games Begin.


Just like CPR breathes life into a person, IQ CPR (Constant Pipeline Review) will breathe life into your sales team exchanges.


With IQ CPR, you may never have a traditional pipeline review again…but if you do, they will be unbelievably efficient and productive for both rep and manager.


The way you think about your organization will differ over the course of time.

IQ Admin

Therefore, configuring software to fit your needs should be a straight forward process…and maintaining it as it evolves should be just as easy.


ItaQuod is a Latin phrase meaning “So What?”

To be crystal clear, the value of using ItaQuod is to help organizations:

  • Close Business Now – Sales teams are more efficient, consistent and predictable
  • Close Business Tomorrow – The rest of the organization has direct access to clear, concise information required to evolve messaging, solutions and partnerships for future success.

That’s ItaQuod…and that is SO WHAT!  We hope to have the opportunity to support you as one of our valued customers.



Simple & Powerful. Structured CRM.

Do you Speak ItaQuod? Let us show you the next generation solution for Closing Business & Running Your Business.

ItaQuod – what data to capture, how to capture it and where to put it, all with an ease to capturing, collaborating on and consuming information.

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One of the leading CRM software research firms and top ten most influential analysts in software has written a whitepaper identifying the struggles associated to traditional CRM software implementations and the merits of considering “Structured CRM” software as the answer.