Empowering each person with the information needed to succeed.

Speaking ItaQuod Across Your Organization

  • Does your sales team gather consistent, useful information to effectively develop leads into opportunities and opportunities to customers?
  • Can your Sales Leadership easily find only the most useful lead or opportunity information along with an easy way to use it to collaborate with reps on deals AND to confidently produce a predictable forecast?
  • Does your marketing team have visibility to the information needed to evolve messaging and generate useful leads?
  • Does your product/service teams have the information needed to prioritize solution roadmaps?
  • Does your alliances team have the information needed to target the most needed strategic partnerships?
  • Does your leadership have the information needed to either validate or evolve organizational go-to-market strategy?

If you speak ItaQuod and use our software…the answers will be yes!
ItaQuod is Latin for “So What?” which is what you might be asking related to the value of using ItaQuod software for you in your role specifically. ITAQUOD is also an easy to remember acronym where each letter stands for a different type of information that one should know about a lead, an opportunity or a target market.



You are competitive – you want to be the best, drive revenue and make money. ItaQuod will:

  • Help you drive revenue by capturing only concise, compelling information.
  • Enable others to equip you with the most compelling messaging, products, services and partnerships.
  • Enable shorter and more productive pipeline review conversations.
  • Minimize the time spent with other departments discussing what you “are seeing and hearing”.
  • Demonstrate your value to the organization beyond driving revenue alone.
  • Make it faster and easier to capture data related to leads and opportunities.

ItaQuod Structured CRM for Sales Reps.
ItaQuod Structured CRM for Sales Managers


Want to help their sales reps to be successful while also producing predictable forecasts. ItaQuod will:

  • Provide a consistent approach to capturing information across your team.
  • Provide easy access to concise lead and opportunity information.
  • Give you geographic visibility to what is going on.
  • Enable efficient, productive and shorter pipeline reviews.
  • Provide daily ranking of reps and regions by a number of valuable perspectives.
  • Give the rest of the company the information needed to refine the message, build compelling solutions and equip you and your team for success.


Want to equip the organization with compelling messaging, generate quality leads and produce compelling tools to assist the selling process. ItaQuod will empower you:

  • With direct access to analyzing lead & opportunities by any demographic characteristic combination you desire.
  • To maintain an understanding of your ideal customer profile.
  • To understand motivations for buying.
  • To understand your competition and why you win and lose deals.
  • Incent sales to capture the information required to do your job.

ItaQuod Structured CRM for Marketing
ItaQuod Structured CRM for Product Managers


Want to equip the organization with compelling products and services that help win and retain customers and maintain strategic partnerships. ItaQuod will empower you:

  • With direct access to analyzing lead & opportunities by any demographic characteristic combination you desire.
  • To maintain an understanding of your ideal customer profile.
  • To understand product and services related buying criteria.
  • To understand what features helped win business and which lack of features led to a lost deal or customer.


Want to confidently set strategy that enable the organization to drive and accelerate predictable revenue growth now, and profitable revenue growth either now or in the future. ItaQuod will empower:

  • You to confidently validate or evolve organizational strategy based upon visibility to market dynamics gathered by the sales organization.
  • You to oversee an organization that is spending money and deploying resources in a coordinated manner for maximum output.
  • Your sales organization to perform consistently and predictably by providing a common framework to be leveraged by all sales team members and an incentive to capture the information required to run your company.

ItaQuod Structured CRM for C-Level

We achieve the above by providing a structure that defines WHAT key information to gather – no more/no less, provides guidance on HOW to capture that information if needed, provides clear locations for WHERE to capture the information…all while providing tools that make it extremely easy to capture, consume and collaborate on the data.

There is only so much time in the day and we are all accountable for so many things. That said, if we had the information we needed to do our job readily available and didn’t have to waste time gathering unnecessary information, trying to simply find information, and then sifting through meaningless information, we’d all be way more productive with the time we have available…whether that is closing business, setting strategy, creating messaging, delivering products/services, or supporting customers.

Structured CRM and ItaQuod just makes sense!