A Company, a Methodology and Innovative CRM Software. SO WHAT?


To enable our customers to consistently and efficiently gather,
organize and consume the most compelling market facing information needed to:






  • Sales teams are the eyes and ears of an organization. As such, they need to consistently gather the same information in a common location, so that it can be directly accessed, understood and summarized to enable other teams to effectively and efficiently perform their roles.

  • The information needed for a business development rep or sales rep to move either a lead or opportunity forward, is also the same information needed by teams such as Marketing, Product Management, Strategic Alliances and the Executive teams who are responsible for organizational strategy, messaging, solution roadmaps and partnerships…other teams that will make the sales team’s efforts even more successful in the future.

  • Information is power…for the reps, managers and organizational leadership. That said, there is a point of diminishing returns for information…where either specific data that one’s asked to gather, the medium for gathering the data, or the approach to consuming the information, take more time and effort than there is incremental value to the rep, manager or departmental/organizational leadership.

  • Selling is an organizational issue, not just a Sales Team one.

  • Effectively growing and accelerating revenue growth, and at some point profitable revenue growth, can only be accomplished if the entire organization understands their organizational identity, understands their target customer profile and understands why, where and against whom they are winning and losing business.

  • Organizations NEED to acknowledge their dependence on, and value derived from, the consistent gathering of key information related to lead and opportunity sales cycles, and incent the gathering of quality information – just as it does revenue…for quality information gathered today, is what your future revenue depends upon.

  • Every action that an organization’s employees take and every dollar that is spent by the organization should only be considered if it will assist the organization in either;
    a. Acquiring Revenue,
    b. Retaining Revenue, OR
    c. Learning why it did, or did not close Revenue.

  • Revenue performance alone should not convey a sales representative or sales team’s value to an organization.


Bill Vergantino

Co-Founder & CEO

Professional Experience:
· 24 Years of Selling, Sales Management & Organizational Leadership.
· Participated in five start-up organizations. All were successfully acquired or went public.
· Eight years in Sales & Sales Management, six years as VP of Sales, and eleven years as CEO.

Other Background:
· Life Motto…to live life to its fullest and do whatever I can to help others to do the same.
· Sports Hall of Fame inductee for University of Delaware, Neshaminy High School and Bucks County chapter of PA.
· Author of KISS YOUR Kids Book, a book of life lessons written for his kids but published in hopes that others might benefit from considering the benefits of the book’s concept and content.
· Founding Board Member of two non-profits and participant on the Board of another.
· Coached roughly 30 sports seasons spanning four sports.

John Neri

Co-Founder & Director

Professional Experience:
· 22 Years of Selling, Sales Management & Organizational Leadership.
· Participated in five start-up organizations. All were successfully acquired, merged or went public.
· Eleven years in Sales & Sales Management, eleven years as VP of Sales.

Other Background:
· University of Delaware BSBA, LaSalle University MBA.
· University of Delaware Football Three-Year Letter Winner.
· Successful completion of several triathlons, biathlons and marathons.
· Coached roughly 30 sports seasons spanning three kids, four sports and still counting.

John Burns


Professional Experience:
· 30 Years of Selling, Sales & Marketing Management, General Management and Board Governance.
· Participated in seven (7) start-up organizations. Four (4) were successfully acquired or went public, three (3) are in process.
· Currently sits on the board of three (3) technology companies ranging in stage from start up to growth revenue / profitable.

Other Background:
· Extensive International Experience on a personal and business level.
· Highly competitive athlete and business professional.
· Chrystal clear frame of reference on the priorities necessary to build a business (Zero to One)

John Gummel


Professional Experience:
· 18 years of experience managing, architecting, and developing cloud-based enterprise software.
· Created and re-imagined products and services for several small companies and start-ups, resulting in new revenue opportunities.
· Streamlined development with agile and iterative approaches to optimize feedback loop.
· Three years as Lead Developer, nine years as Development Manager, and four years as VP of Development

Other Background:
· Member of Radnor Township School District STEM committee, promoting and organizing initiatives and programs in the community and school district curriculum.
· Advocate and instructor for Hour of Code, supporting efforts to get children into coding at a much younger age, especially girls.
· Founder and teacher of a LEGO Robotics after-school program at Wayne Elementary School.
· Coach for several sports teams over the last eight years.

Maura Barrett


Highly accomplished Sales Professional with more than thirteen years of experience in successfully selling SaaS and Mobile technologies. Proven track record in exceeding quota by developing and executing against cohesive territory and marketing plans. Demonstrated track record of sales growth and customer satisfaction. Specific strengths include persuasive presentation skills, ability to manage multiple priorities, and flexibility to perform in both self-directed and collaborative team environments. Experienced in working with fast paced startup companies. Passion and enthusiasm are part of my DNA and what makes me a stand out Sales Professional.

Skilled in Inside Sales, Outside Sales, Lead Generation, Lead Management, Sales Processes, Sales Acceleration, RFP/RFIs, Negotiations, KPIs, Data Driven Marketing, Automated Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Digital Transformation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Professional Services, Business Development, and Management/Leadership.

Brian Evans

Customer Onboarding

An experienced, self-motivated professional willing to assume accountability for the successful implementation and ongoing use of a solution. Enthusiastic about delivering the best customer experience possible through direct client engagement and an attention to detail related to implementation, training, support and process improvement for each customer. Excels in a working environment that is fast paced and allows for individual or team contributions to positively impact an organization’s success.

Dan Smith

Customer Satisfaction

Excited to team up with others and make a material impact on a software organization’s growth opportunity by leveraging my broad experience related to marketing, selling, implementing and supporting customers.

Qualifications Summary:
– Several years of experience with small, medium, and large SaaS and on-premise software companies.
– Roles included Lead Generation, Business Development, Inside Sales, Implementation and Support.
– Software categories included Security, Travel and Spend Control, Data Warehousing, BI/Data Analytics, Healthcare, and Consulting.

Alan Davis


Professional Experience

Software Professional with a history of developing innovative products, and contributing to the success of unique companies.
27 years performing a wide variety of technical roles from fortune 500 companies to emerging startups.
8 years as a Developer, 5 years as a Sales Engineer, 6 years as a Product Manager, 7 years as the VP of Products
Experience in all stages of the software development lifecycle, leadership roles for small teams, departments lead, and a member of the leadership team with several organizations.

Other Background

Member of the coaching staff for the Lincoln Academy High School Lacrosse Team.
Outdoor enthusiast with experience leading sea kayaking trips as a Registered Maine Guide.

OUR NAME – ItaQuod

ItaQuod is pronounced It-uh-kw-odd and there are two roles
or purposes that the word ItaQuod means/plays for our company.

ItaQuod is from the Latin phrase Ita Quod which means “So What?” Aside from liking how the sound rolled off our tongue, we felt that this was THE question that is most asked by a good leader when responding to someone’s answer of why they will win a deal or why a company believes they’ll succeed in the market – So What? Usually, there is a material lack of understanding of the key information needed to know why you should, or should not, expect to succeed within a given opportunity or as a business pursuing a market. Usually…reps and leaders think they know why they’ll win or lose, but usually they have information that is simply surface level and not capable of giving them a clear assessment of what will drive this outcome one way or another…which after hearing the information they do have, leads a good manager to respond with “So What?”

About ItaQuod
ItaQuod is from the Latin phrase Ita Quod which means “So What?”

I-T-A-Q-U-O-D is also a memory tool, in the form of an acronym that serves as a reminder for the key information that needs to be gathered and understood when discussing a lead, opportunity or market. Each letter of the word, is the first letter of a key section of the ITAQUOD methodology. For example, “I” stands for Identify – Business Drivers and Feature/Function Requirements that will justify why an organization will approve the spending of $1.


The short story…the ItaQuod concepts were created in late 2001 and refined over a 15 year period spanning three organizations. In 2016, the ItaQuod software was designed to be both innovative in core CRM capabilities and fully integrated with the ItaQuod concepts. In 2017, ItaQuod was incorporated and the software was brought to life as the most innovative CRM software to hit the market since Siebel in the mid ‘90s.

The long story…The founding Board members of ItaQuod have been inside sales reps, field sales reps, strategic alliance sales reps, sales managers, VPs of Sales, and CEOs. Their average sales experience is 25 years. They have combined to participate in 18 companies…half of which were pre/early revenue and all of which were successfully acquired or went public. We’ve taken just about every sales methodology training there is, and we’ve used just about every CRM system available.

ItaQuod concepts
The ItaQuod methodology, which includes both processes and a common go-to-market language

We think most methodologies have some redeeming aspects but many that are not useful and waste time of either the sales person, or the manager attempting to leverage the information. We believe that when the trainer leaves the team…there is a gradual decline in understanding, and ultimately the use, of the methodology.

We think that CRM systems have not changed since the mid ‘90s and that they are essentially tools that allow for companies to design and develop what processes they’ll leverage and capture any and all information the reps are supposed to capture. Although this provides extreme flexibility, it requires tremendous resources, discipline, policing and a hope that you have a team that is capable of defining logical process and the most compelling CRM design. Reps are slowed down by data entry. Much data captured doesn’t benefit the rep and worse yet, even if you are fortunate to feel you have such resources and team…your CRM system is often a dark cavern where gathered data is buried and either never seen and certainly not easily aggregated and used for strategic planning.

The ItaQuod methodology, which includes both processes and a common go-to-market language, was created in late 2001/early 2002 when one of our founders was promoted to the role of VP, WW Sales for an organization with a 50 person sales team, about $80M in funding and $25M in revenue.

Prior to the promotion, that founder had gone from being one of the first four sales people hired when the organization was pre-revenue, to one of the leading sales people, to one of the leading sales managers in the company. In those capacities, he understood what information was critical for him and his team to gather and leverage to win business. At the same time, he also appreciated the need for the rest of the company to understand what he and his team was seeing and hearing in his sales cycles…because he knew that if they understood what they were seeing, his teams would benefit from more compelling messaging, products, partnerships and overall strategy and organizational wide success.

Structured CRM Software - ItaQuod
ItaQuod - Next Generation CRM Software

Although he appreciated the need for the rest of the organization to benefit from his sales cycles, he also knew that the current process of sharing information was an unbelievably inefficient for both the consumer and provider of information because of the redundancy of data shared in conversations with different departments, the lack of a common way of thinking about the market and a cumbersome sales methodology that was used for the sole benefit of the sales organization…but which gave no visibility to relevant information needed by other departments.

Upon being promoted to VP WW Sales, he worked with Marketing to create a new framework for how the sales teams and the organization overall, would capture, share and discuss market facing information.

This methodology was refined while he was the VP WW sales for two organizations and CEO of a third company, all of which were successfully acquired over a period that spanned 15 years. Following the successful acquisition of his company in early 2016, the idea of creating, ItaQuod, the market’s first Structured CRM system took hold. He reached out to the two individuals that ultimately became co-founders of ItaQuod and shared his belief in the concepts of ItaQuod being the most simple and powerful in the market, but because CRM systems weren’t designed with leveraging this, or any methodology in mind…the limitations of the CRM software prohibited organizations from realizing full value in use of the ItaQuod concepts.

The awareness of the importance to coordinate the resources of the company…time, money and people, came second nature – perhaps because of our experience with, appreciation for, and love for team sports. So after transitioning on from the organization that acquired our last firm, he was offered a number of leadership roles with organizations and given the opportunity to discuss business and go-to-market concepts with each.

ItaQuod - Next Gen Structured CRM
ItaQuod - CRM Software

Quickly realized was that the framework / approach created and leveraged at his last three companies was something that literally every organization that he met was struggling with and where everything that we shared with them was viewed as information that they needed to embrace. In some cases, it is a lack of experience that is the reason, but in most situations, it is the lack of a clear, coherent structure or framework that can be easily understood and leveraged as the way to help them maximize the output from their incredible team members using the limited time and money at their disposal.

Not only was there a gaping hole in the market within no organization addressing it, but it is a hole where the topic generating the pain or the missed opportunities was the one area where organization can’t afford to not be as tight and crisp as possible.

After a number of such meetings with organizations ranging from pre-revenue to $500M in revenue, we reached out to long-time friends, colleagues, mentors and business partners and confirmed that creating ItaQuod was something that we needed to do. We incorporated the organization, got to work…and the ItaQuod software organization was born.

By the end of 2016, the concept of Structured CRM and how the ItaQuod methodology would be integrated into innovative ItaQuod CRM software was born. In February, 2017 ItaQuod was incorporated and the market will never be the same.

ItaQuod - Innovative Structured CRM